Thursday, October 2, 2008

First post

So, having avoided the whole blogging thing so far, yesterday Alan DeClerck sent a pointer to his family blog with pictures of the kids friends, and I decided that maybe it's actually worth having a place for our family too that we can do the same on.

Of course, I'll need to see what Tove wants to do, but in the meantime, here's a trial blog.


Prateek Sharma said...

Hi Linus,

Why not start a blog using Git? Far geekier than blogspot

Oh btw: First Comment!

hussein said...

You could use Flickr or Picasa or something like that for your pictures. It'd be an organised online gallery.

xx said...

Linus, welcome to the blog world! (this is so crazy - I'm welcoming Linus Torvalds!!!! :P)

Anonymous said...

Vaoops, sorry, I'm writing in Swedish and you're Finnish) What? You, Linus, have a blog now? Excellent! The world-well, maybe not some guys in Redmond, WA-is happy you have a blog. It's about time Linus! Congrats, assuming you are the real Linus T.

By the way, be sure to look at the goings on in Katrineholm, Sweden where I have begged the local government to please, please, switch over to non-proprietary/opensource software to save this small Swedish town some money. Will they do it? Not even after six years of begging will they do it. Oh well.

Anyway, we're all glad you've a blog. Thanks for all you've done for millions of comupter users around the world. I think the Nobel Committee owes you and Tim Berners-Lee a joint Nobel Peace Prize.

Oh, one more thing. We need some videos too on your blog. Take a look at the videos on my Katrineholm Uncensored YouTube Channel for some examples.

Regards from Katrineholm, Sweden where we hope you will one day grace this town with a visit.

Ben DeLillo said...

You should take a look at , talk about a meeting of the minds!

Aman Kumar Jain said...

Oh! I feel... gr8 commenting on your Blog!!!

Anonymous said...

You also might try, designed for blogging/posting pictures quickly, written in scheme.

est said...


swapnil said...

Good to see people suggesting Linus, the father of Linux, how to blog ;-)

I am afraid, they won't start a mailing list on this one ;-)

Swapnil Bhartiya

-ulfric said...

Welcome to the blogging world, despite the high S/N ratio I hope you find the cathartic release as pleasant as I do.

I look forward to reading what you have to say since I respect most of your opinions immensely.

Good luck and good health to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

lol your name sounds like linux
i bet i'm not the first one to notice ;)

check mine at

Scott said...

I'm glad my parents did not have the internet when I was growing up. I would have hated it if they put family pictures or any kind of pictures of me on the web for all to see.

junqed said...

Hi Linus, I use your kernel but not that mic..ft sh.t. Thanx for this freedom

laolin said...

i'm coming here to see god!

Денис said...

It so good, that the first comment for your first post wasn't "I'm the first!!!". I think, this blog will be able very interseting blog.

BLOGGER said...

Greetings to the author of one of my favorite quotations:

"It's a disease, I tell you. The apparent inability to accept the fact
that we're not all a uniform gray paste." - Linus Torvalds

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say thanks. And good luck with the BLOG. Your super-stardom of the GEEK world will hamper you a bit, but I think you will handle it well.

PhotoZel, Mint user

freetonik said...

cool, dude!!

Siddharta Buda said...

Mr. Torvalds:

You don't know me and I don't know you, but I know computing freedom because of you and GNU software.

Thank you very much for your contribution to the world.

Siddharta Buda

Gothic said...

I hope you will change the blog to a new platform, like wordpress =) Or even using git + bash. That would be very geek :)

That would be great! I hope you blog a lot and don't disappear.

Thanks for all of your work at Linux!

Cuetzpallin said...

Hi Linus, welcome to the blog's world, hehehe

I feel great commenting on your blog.

Btw, congratulations for 17 years of your first kernel.

This is amazing, Linus on a blog... oh Yeahhh!!!

Frank said...

Final a spot where I can personally say"Thank you Thank you Thank you." You have no idea how much what you have done has impacted my life in a dramatic and positive way. Again Thank You

They call me Brett said...

What evidence exists that this blog is written by Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel?

VG said...

I think to blog with git is a cool idea.

GoinEasy9 said...

LoL ... Do you see the community you've created? They are all telling you a better way to blog. Everyone has a better idea. Just like you had with the kernel.
I am happy to be part of that community. Thank you for Linux.

Anonymous said...

Hey Linus,

Just curious.

What made you choose blogger as your blogging platform of choice as opposed to wordpress which is based on open source software?

I think it would make for a good blog post unless you just chose blogger randomly or without thinking too much about it.

Anyways, great work with Linux! I got my computer illiterate Dad using it.

Vhs said...



Your work is GREAT

Unknown said...

Congrats on your first blog! You're an inspiration to many and I'm sure you'll have a following of people here.

Unknown said...

Hi Linus,

Welcome to Blog world... most of the time it (blogs) drains your free time, but generally it's cool... :D

have fun... adios.

Anant Khaitan said...

Hey is that really you .. Linus Torvald the developer of the the mighty Linux.. I feel so proud to comment on your Blog

रवि रतलामी said...

सलाम. नमस्ते. आपसे सीधे संवाद बनाकर मुझे भी अत्यंत प्रसन्नता हुई.

The Open Sourcerer said...

Welcome and thanks for all the fish.

Anonymous said...


Futasec-e said...

trial blog -- same day, more than 3 blogposts...

trial kernel -- same world, millions of users

trial linus --oh well :D

Don Xmar said...

Great motivation for your blog.

admin said...

Saludos Desde Colombia Viejo Linus y gracias por tu super invento LINUX.

Cervoz said...



Unknown said...

환영합니다~~ Linus 형님!!

TechEngineer said...

It's great to be able to read Linus's thoughts on a blog, finally people will know Mr. Linux on his everyday life :)

But as dapxin said, knowing how the linux kernel became, guess how will this blog proceed :D

A presto

Mr Big Stuff said...

Hi Linus Torvalds

I was excited to find you started a blog of your own. I came to know about this via a ICT subscription mail message, goes to show that there is more than one way to be connected.... I am greatfull for your legacy with respect to Linux.

I trust that this venture will spawn some more usefull colaboration

Alexander Fisher

天行健,君子当自强不息 said...


Zenwalker said...

Hi Linus,

Great that your blogging. I wud read your blog every day. Great fan of yours. You rock

Haris said...

welcome to blog world sir!, can't waiting about your story right here..

crosvera said...

Hi Linus

Welcome to the Web 2.0, but not so 2.0

LPP said...

Hi linus, welcome to the blog world


h4773r said...

Nice, Thanks for be Free

Dom Derrien said...

Hi Linus,

Great to see you outside the Linux mailing list ;) Having been a blog reader for a long time, I learn a lot from tech people sometimes communicating outside their comfort zone! Keep going, I like your post “Stranger in (US)” and the one about “Intel SSD”.

Take care, Dom

Note: I'm a stranger in Canada, and it's a quieter place;)

admin said...

Hi Linus,

Congratulations with your first blog.

You may want to try other platforms, and it is not about being open source. Blogger allows only one type of publishing - posts. Those posts are being arranged in a chronological order and gradually sink into oblivion. Other platforms also allow pages - those stay on the top indefinitely.

You may try Wordpress. It's a free platform, and is probably the most widely used today.

Best regards,


KoalaSoft said...

Hi Linus !!

Grettings from MEXICO ...!!

Saludos de KoalaSoft !!

whoisrabbit said...

Hi Linus, you are finally into the blog world! Welcome! And expecting more updates about your life :)

RW said...

Saludos desde Chile. Linux en Español!

Raghu Nayak said...

Welcome to Blogging world!

Andrew Jefferson Bertrand said...

hey man blogging is a great median, and i must say, i'm enjoying your posts so far.

Unknown said...

Hello Linus-
Welcome to blogging. I think you will find it addictive.
Re: family blogging, you should check out LifeSnapz, LifeSnapz is built to capture, share and explore important events in your life with families, friends and other trusted groups. Dynamic timelines and maps allow users to create a life record.
Good luck with your new activity!

Unknown said...

Hola Linus
Es extraño decirle "Hola" a alguien que cambió tan radicalmente la historia del Software, de la computación, de las comunicaciones e, indirectamente, de la forma como nos relacionamos los unos con otros.
Bienvenido a la Blogosfera
¿cuando te tendremos en Latinoamérica y en Chile?

Hello Linus
It is strange to say "Hello" to someone who so dramatically changed the history of software, the computer, communications and, indirectly, by the way we relate to each other.
Welcome to the Blogosphere.
When did you have in Latin America and Chile?

Bruce Lewis said...

Thanks sharkteddy for recommending ourdoings. It makes a pile of digital photos into a blog for you using the timestamps. If you're really lazy this is the way to go, though you can also go through and add titles and text to make it into more of a blog.

Anonymous said...

welcome to blog world, sir!
thank you very much for your awesome Linux!

Anonymous said...

Tjena Linus. Jag har kollat då och då om du ska blogga eller köra twitter snart.

Jag är (uppenbarligen) svensk. Jag bor i södra kalifornien och pluggar ekonomi.

Tänkte på en sak: "Linus' blog" heter egentligen "Linus's blog" på Engelska. Det ser onekligen konstigt ut (jag håller med om det), men det är emellertid korrekt.

Kul att se dig här! Ser fram emot att läsa om dina upptåg!

Ha det,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for Linux.

Lopes said...

Hi Linus!

Good luck with your blog and, well, I can't post a comment here without saying: Thanks for Linux!

{linux_fan_mode = 'on'}
{linux_fan_mode = 'off'}

See ya!
José Lopes
Brazil - MG

aioshin said...

Even if the original post was several day old... wow, its gr8 to post comment on the creator of kernel.. I've used it for 4 years now, at home and work.. and its great.. you may or may not be a real Linus.. I'd like to say thanks.

turetta said...

I am so glad to comment your blog Torvalds!!! I've been using Linux and your kernel for 8 years now, i hope u and your team can continue doing this Wonderful job! Welcome and thanks for collaborate so much with our freedom!

André; Maringá - Paraná - Brasil.

Rob said...

Hi and welcome, my rescuer!!!!!! I'm using Linux and i'll never turn back!!! i'll follow you... ciao

Anonymous said...

Ciao Linus,
felicissimo di poter mandare un piccolo commento nel tuo Blog personale.
Grazie per Linux e... ad maiora!

bogues26 said...

Welcome Linus to the blogosphere I will follow your blog

Felipe said...

Now if only RMS could write a blog...........

Armando Ortiz Espinoza said...

Otro chileno te saluda...

Gracias por todo maestro!

Thomas Trueten said...

Welcome 2 the World of Blogs,
good Luck with your Blog and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Happy blogging! As ever... just for fun! Giovanni Cappellini from Italy

Michael, the kid said...

Congratulations for your blog. Have fun Linus.

Regards from Mexico.

techniqueal t. said...

hi sir,

wow! great to see you in the blogosphere! you dont know me and i dont know you but i am a true fan!

hoping for more posts to come ^_^

Carlos said...

El mundo es un lugar mejor gracias a ti!!


swapnil said...


kakaroto.deb said...

Hola Linus!!!, no sabes lo emocionado que me siento enviandote este mensaje de saludo desde Perú!!!; quizás no estes conciente de lo que has hecho pero para mi has hecho muchisimo al igual que RMS.

Radu said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Linus!
Uff...shame on me for writing from a mac os, yet 'cousins' will do.

David Batun said...

Hola, Linux saludos, ya bastante agradecidos con tu aportación con el software libre que ha hecho para la comunidad mundial, este blog en la cual contará sus hitorias personales me parece estupendo y nos será de gran interés al menos para mi. Saludos desde el corazón de la zona maya, México.


David Batun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Herry said...

So glad to hear that you start blogging!

Unknown said...

A very warm welcome to the world of blogs. Have a lot of fun!

Alexandre Linhares said...

looking forward to your news!

Anonymous said...

Is this really Linus Torvalds? Nice... Do you have any more blog before you made this blog or after you make this blog?

Anonymous said...

It's a good idea.
Everyone had a blog today.

Alex said...

Hi! from Venezuela... it's great to see one of the most important guys ever writing about his life and about is family... good luck!

Mojo said...

I am waiting for you so long! I like to see the head of developers socialize, man

Anonymous said...

What Can I Say Mr. Legend:

Every of us that use Linux is part od this big family.

I can't find the properly words to stop this green in my face wrtiting to somene I consider to me as a Hero, making me things easier.

I'm not a programmer, I'm a designer, but anyway I'll use linux and show my art within this marvel of OS.

Tell to the world please, who is Linus Torvalds, all you want to write, becuase writting is a terrific way to share us what you want.

Feel free to do anything you want, tell a joke, invet a story, build a poem or a novel, tell us about your vacations, your experciences.

Feel free to do, to make, create an recreate, as the freedom we got with Linux.

Feel free to be free, Mr Legend

Ps. Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, etc. Its an smart way to upload your photos, you can publis easily pasting the link from that page to your blog in les time that if you do directly from yout compuer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Torvalds, I also was reluctant to write a blog, but I started to write one (in spanish) to promote the use of Linux as a gamming platform. Since then, I almost get addicted to write, and currently I have two of them ^^!
Beware! It could be very addictive!!

Congrats and welcome to the blog world!

milkyblue said...

It`s so Amazing, that I can meet you at here.

Unknown said...

Gosh! Look at these responses. You are truely loved in this Linux world. Thanks for a wonderful Kernel.

kypn said...

u da man..

lov from sri lanka..

Maria said...

Usou o blogger, muito bom...

Unknown said...

Dear Linus,

my name is Leonardo Musumeci, I am a native italian translator, graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature.

My specializations are:

* Web programming, web design (1 year of professional experience as web programmer and web designer)

* Web site localisation (over 3 years of experience in the localization from Italian into English of an agritourism portal)

* Software localization (experience in software localization and in particular translating documentation and software GUI for Sun Microsystem

* Great familiarity with IT, Open Source software (in particular with, Linux operating sytem - Ubuntu distribution -), Cisco systems (I have attended a Net Security Course - preparation course for Cisco Ccna Certification- ), IT concepts, programming languages, network technologies, etc.

* Technical and Linguistic background, studies in Languages and Informatics (I have got a Master's Degree in E-Government)

A sample translation (english-italian) of the article "Start up applications" by Paul Collins, is available at this address:


I collaborate as translator, proofreader and editor with Sun Microsystem for the localization into italian of software and with Canonical for the localization of the Ubuntu distribution.

A web profile is available here:

Since I really like Linux as a user and in general, everything that is open source oriented, I would like to translate some of this blog posts into italian and put them on my work and/or personal blogs:

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards


Joshua Lockhart said...

Hi Linus :-)
Thanks for the wonderful kernel and the joy it brings to so many.

gentoo、gtk、kernel及所有趣的事 said...


amatesi said...

I can't believe it!
Linus, welcome to the blog world :D

Yogarine said...

Linus started a blog! Wow...

Maybe one day the Linux kernel will go GPLv3 as well. :-)

Anyway, Linus, welcome to the club. ;-) I know I'm gonna enjoy reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linus...

Alex Sache said...

Hi Linus,
Wish you luck with the blog.
I hope you'll keep writing and inspire generations of programmers from now on. It's interesting to know the man behind a legend, and as I read the comments from your first kernel I was sure that your a cool person too, not only intelligent.

sakthi said...

Hi Linus Please blog

Dionia said...


awww, you cant stop blogging, keep up the good work :D

hugs n kisses.

Anonymous said...





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Anonymous said...

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bnight said...

Hi Linus,

I will like to see a post about the toys you use on regularbase. Something like this

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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Chandra Tewary said...

Welcome Sir to the world of blog :-). You have given open source a new direction . You are google of Open Source :-). I proud on you . All the best Sir.

Anonymous said...

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unused account said...

"just a hobby, won't be big and
professional like gnu
" -you

i'm having fun using your unprofessional hobby ;)