Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Pig Lover's Oath

I honor and love
Every pig that I see
For maybe one day
That pig will love me.

Our friendship with pigs
will always last
It doesn't matter
Whether it's slow or fast.

If we continue to hug
Every pig we can
Our love will grow
As large as this land.

So I promise to help
Every pig in defeat
For if it weren't for pigs
There would be no bacon to eat.

What can I say? Daniela (my middle one) is a real poet. It scans a bit oddly, but I think that falls solidly under the heading of "artistic".


Anonymous said...

beautiful indeed!

Unknown said...

mmmmhhh.... bacon....

NoName said...

I think she's promising. :-)

kenguest said...

aham ;-)

s3ta said...

Great! ^^

Unknown said...


Daniela Nash?
Oggden Torvalds?

The latter is better. And it doesn't scan.

Unknown said...


What can I say. it's late.

fchurca said...

Oh beautiful bacon. You do make everything better.

Kinho Pizzato said...

Very creative indeed!

I like the fact that this love for pigs did not make her a vegetarian.

Eric said...

This is gold dust!
It's definitely going to my bookmarks!

anca luca said...

oh yes, pigs!
i've been trying to convince the world that pigs are the cutest animals ever (and not necessarily because of them being the source of bacon), but it didn't work great so far.
Thanks to Daniela for this wonderful motivational poem, which will hopefully help open the eyes of the people to the cuteness of pigs!

fynali iladijas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fynali iladijas said...

I love animals too... they taste good!


@fynali (on twtr)
PS: I don't eat pork though; not just a matter of taste!

Goutham said...

Kinda sucks to eat meat.

- A vegetarian

karlzt said...

this reminded me of Nine Inch Nails

Gumpa said...

Being in the middle of reading "The Good Good Pig" to my grandson, I was taken aback by the punchline. Great book about a great critter, recommended.


Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

Hmmm...bacon. Smart kid. ;)

Linus said...

Goutham: I hope you never have kids or kittens.

Meat is kind of important to people. Young kids in particular need a lot of varied nutrients, and a balanced diet - with meat - is likely to be way healthier than the alternatives.

Quite frankly, being vegetarian is like being religious: you should let the kid decide on his/her own when they are grown up and can make that choice on their own. Plus by then they've done most of their development, so your choice won't mess them up for the rest of their lives.

Humans are designed to be omnivores. Don't play games with your kids nutrition.

Eating meat is not at all unnatural. It's generally considered to be one of the main reasons humans could afford to evolve a larger brain - because meat is denser in nutrients than vegetarian diets.

Yes, you can do a healthy vegetarian diet (and even a vegan one, although at that point you really are crazy - there's no substitute for milk), but it is certainly not at all a trivial matter. It's much saner to just say "eating meat is natural".

Once you're fully grown, it's a different matter.

Quite frankly, anybody who tells their kids to "don't eat meat" is kind of crazy. You're much better off telling them to not drink sodas, avoid overly processed foods etc.

And yeah, I care a hell of a lot more about my kids health than I care about cows or even pigs. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT! Bacon is amazing.
Wonderful poem.

roche said...

I think If you want to teach spanish to your children these is a good song to do it.

The song is "The pig give to us"

"El Cerdo. Nos da mantequita, rabo y orejita. Rica morcillita y buen chorizon"

Christian Witts said...

Next step, a poem about Narwhals and then Bacon Narwhals woohoo :)

It's a great poem.

Goutham said...


First of all, I do not disrespect meat eaters. My first comment was more of a 'poke' than anything else. Sorry about that. People have freedom to choose and it goes without saying.

About human beings being omnivorous: well, there are any number of places on www both for and against this conception. And I myself do not have a strong opinion about either.

About not having kids: In the place where I come from, we have thousands and thousands of vegetarians like myself. In fact, we call "meat-eaters" as "non-vegetarians" here. Majority of restaurants provide only veg foods. What I am talking about is vegetarianism being a norm and part of the culture for tens of generations - hundreds or even thousands of years. So, I can tell you that "being vegetarian" is almost a trivial matter for most of us and comes naturally :-)

Oh, one more thing. No vegetarian I have ever known has ever suffered from any kind of malnutrition because of their diet. I find it weird when some people say that you don't get nutrition if you don't eat meat. Most qualified people I have talked to (doctors, for example) have never said so.

Unknown said...

I usually hate the tired bacon meme, however I have to admit this is profound stuff.

Hail to the pig!

David said...

What nice debate!
Here, in France, there are domestic pigs, like dwarf pigs
I mean not to eat, but to be like dogs

Anyway, we can also eat pigs. There are lots fo jewish and moslem, so they don't eat pigs, but the fact is that it's cultural:
Obelix ate wild boar.

Anyway, eating one animal does not mean be vegan, as you see, not to eat horses doesn't mean to be vegan.

Maybe she will not really like t oeat pigs, but will be amazed by a Foie Gras from ducks or even smoked Reindeer sausages....or even Corean dogs :-)

but, she's a nice poet

Anonymous said...

Food scraps used to be fed to pigs, but today people waste huge amounts of food. And now most pigs live in huge facilities where their waste becomes an environmental hazard. Maybe if more pig-eaters would "love a pig" and keep one or two around the house, it would solve both problems. Of course the new problem would be explaining to the kids how your pig went to live on a nice farm and the freezer is full.

moenduran said...

Haha! 6+

People are (well... should be!) proud of their children, and when they write something like this, you just feel like a king! ...I know I do :)


Unknown said...

The arguments extremists use against us being omnivores are generally mind-numbing and defy mainstream scientific thought. But you see, they don't care about 'truth'. They just want people to stop eating meat. Linus wasn't far off he called them religious.

Common examples:
"Our intestines are longer than carnivores."
*No one said we were carnivores. Guess what? They're also generally shorter than herbivores.

"We lack the traits of carnivores, like sharp fangs and claws."
*Again, we're not carnivores. We're omnivores. Also, those are the qualities of certain carnivores, but not all in general. Not all meat-eaters are built like lions. Get this: the animal kingdom is prrreeetty diverse. Snakes aren't known for their particularly sharp rows of teeth or claws: they're also ruthless meat-eaters.

But there is a trait pretty much universal to all herbivores: The ability to digest cellulose. We can't.

I could go on.....

Paul said...

How old is she?!

David said...

Linus has 3 daughters...
Read there:
Daughter: Celeste Amanda Torvalds (b. 20-Nov-2000)

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Unknown said...

I've never been able to express my love of pigs so well. Give that child a pork chop!

Anonymous said...

omm nom nom

imipak said...

Excellent poem. Any plans to collect her poems and publish them?

animeworld said...

very nice. I thought she was doing some association with poor people (or whatever), but she was thinking about bacon. xD