Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial day BBQ

I've always liked the demotivational posters from despair.com a lot more than those inane motivational ones. And this one obviously hits close to home.

So what do our neighbors bring with them when we invite them for a BBQ? Yup.

Do my friends know me or what? Of course, my favourite is probably the one that says something like "The point of your life may be just to act as a warning to others", but that one doesn't have penguins.

The downside to actually finally having the physical thing, of course, is that I'm not much for hanging things up. So it will probably end up propped up in my office somewhere, adding to the general messiness.


Matt Sayler said...

I sense a new boot logo coming on...

Randall said...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers which distro is typically paired with the aforementioned "It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others."

Wolf550e said...

As a long time Gentoo user, it's sad to admit it, but the Ubuntu alpha builds are way more bleeding edge than gentoo unstable. And fedora releases are generally more bleeding edge than gentoo stable by a number of versions...

Randall said...

I'm actually a Gentoo user myself, and it never ceases to amaze me how long it takes packages to go from unstable to stable. But having that choice on a per-package basis is really nice (though obviously not necessary for everyone, hence why different distros exist).

Unknown said...

I believe that this is the referenced poster.

pcleddy said...

i want one that says, "you may also not be into hanging things up, but that doesn't mean youre any kind of linux torvalds or nothing"

ps your last book recommendations are excell'nt, more than you may know or realize

pcleddy said...

我想一個說: “你也可以不掛東西到了,但是,這並不意味著您選擇任何種類的Linux Torvalds的或根本沒有”

您的最後一本書的ps建議excell'nt ,超過您可能知道或實現

dguaraglia said...

You spoiled kids... back when I used Debian they used to freeze packages about a year before release, and the trip from Unstable to Stable was ridiculously long.

It seems they have a much faster cycle right now, but I still moved to Ubuntu. Can't beat the cool name that rhymes with... well, nothing.

Mitsche said...

Dude, I thought your neighbors brought penguin meat for the BBQ for a moment. That was a pretty cruel image.

Anonymous said...


As a long time Gentoo user I have to speak up in its defence. It certainly isn't for someone who want the simplicity of binary distro, but for some one who develops software the ability to mix and match source based packages it incredibly useful.

Of course there are still those that like to wack up the -O and try funky optimisations. They are likely to learn the hard way. Personal I like low -O's and "splidebug" configurations.

Randall said...

@stsquad: I've been using Gentoo as my primary distro for six years, not counting a six-month period when I tried Ubuntu. I just like that poster. It's the same way that I think that funroll-loops.info is hilarious; it's obviously not telling the whole story about the distro, but I can smile at the kernel of truth there.

Zibri said...

I love them too.
My favourites are:




And obviously the one you mentioned: "mistakes" :)

Anonymous said...

Working in the shipping industry, I am partial to the Mistakes poster. And honestly, there are days when you really feel like this poster.

sarathy said...

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Matěj Cepl said...

I read somewhere that one декабри́ст (Decembrist) claimed that every nation in the world got his calling from God, and that apparently the mission from God of the Russian nation was to show how not to do it.

NativeSonKY said...

My favorite:

We The Willing
Led by The Unknowing
Are doing The Impossible
For The Ungrateful
We have done so much
For so long
With so little
That we now can do
With Nothing!

< Unknown >

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